Special Cuisine of Nha Trang


Nha Trang Cuisine has been an important part of this coastal city. Let’s try special foods here and you will have unforgettable experiences for your holiday.

>> Vietnamese braised pork with eggs

Grilled fermented pork roll- Nem Nuong

When mentioning Nha Trang cuisines, we definitely cannot neglect grilled fermented pork roll, also known as Ninh Hoa’s or Nha Trang’s fermented pork roll. We can eat fermented pork roll fresh (nemchua) or grilled (nemnuong). However, most of the tourists will choose “nemnuong” to enjoy in Nha Trang, and buy “nemchua” as the gifts for family at home. Grilled directly with the fire of coal brazier, fermented pork roll is served with raw herbs as well as dippingsauce with pickled green papaya.

Where to try:

Nem Nuong Vu Thanh An- 15 Le Loi- Nha Trang- Khanh Hoa. The restaurant is crowded with customers from late afternoon till midnight.

Nem nuong (via nomlg.blogspot.com)

Lac Canh’s Grilled Beef

The secret of making perfect grilled beef lies on the recipe of mixing beef with honey and more than ten kinds of spices. The recipe is handed down from generation to generation, and only known to specific members of restaurant owner’s family. Customers are free to grill the beef and enjoy the dish in their own way.

Lac Canh’s grilled beefissofavored by tourists that it appears in many famous international travel guides.

Where to try:
Han Hon Minh restaurant (opened since 1963)- 44 Nguyen Binh Khiem- Nha Trang- Khanh Hoa.

Rice vermicelli with grilled fish and jellyfish- Bun cha ca

It’s “bun cha ca” broth, which is made from boiled sailfish and mackerel’s bones, that determines the exclusive taste of this specialty. Different from the fatty boiled pork bones’ broth; “bun cha ca” broth is sweet and savory, especially suitable for people who are going on a diet. A bowl of Nha Trang’s “bun cha ca” also contained jellyfish and steamed sailfish.

Where to try:
Bun ca Nam Beo- Block B2- Phan Boi Chau- Nha Trang- Khanh Hoa 

Bun Cha Ca ( via vietnamtourism.info)

Lang Chai’s Seafood

Before visiting Hon Tam, Bai Soi or Bai Mini beaches, tourists are advised to drop in Lang Chai to buy some seafood. Customers can choose fresh seafood which is raised in cage under the sea by their own hand. After that, people will sail to nearby restaurant by ferry, where seafood will be immediately prepared and cook. On mainland, tourists can consume fresh seafood at reasonable price at Chieu Anh Restaurant.

Where to try:
Chieu Anh Restaurant- 86 Tran Phu- Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa

Banh can- “Can” cake

Sitting around the warm fire of coal brazier, watching the cook skillfully pouring flour into moulds , and then enjoying hot “banh can”in a windy day is an unforgettable experience for anyone when in Nha Trang. “Banh can” is a popular snack in Central and Southern regions of Vietnam, including rice flour, lard, spring onion and eggs. The cakes are sold in pair, and served with special sweet and sour dipping sauce made from Nha Trang’s famous fish sauce, and raw vegetables.

Where to try:
Crossroad of Le Thanh Ton and Nguyen Thien Thuat Street.

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