Must-do activities when visiting Hoi An


Hoi An is one of the most attractive and peaceful destinations that you should come when traveling to the Central Vietnam. This ancient town offers many interesting things to do that makes your trip more memorable.

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Overnight camping at Cham Island (Cu Lao Cham)

Cu Lao Cham is one of many attractive destinations in Hoi An. Nevertheless, due to its rather small size, tourists normally will just spend one day to visit. The main activities are snorkeling, diving to watch coral, enjoying seafood, or riding motorbike around the island. If you have time and not in a rush, do spend some more time here and stay overnight.

Different from the center of Hoi An the ancient town, night time is when Cu Lao Cham is sunk in peace and tranquility, making it the perfect time to throw a small party on the beach.

Some simple snacks in a quiet place surrounded by close friends, tourists surely will have really memorable moments spending here on the island. At the end of the day, when the conversation has finished, going back to your camp, the breezes and fresh air help you to go to sleep tightly and faster; waking up early the next day with total refreshing mind.

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Enjoying traditional arts

The traditional arts are held regularly with a lot of various choices of “Bai choi” game, Cham dancing, Folksong singing and Repartee chanties, etc. In order to inspire the audiences, all the performances are choreographed and staged in an elaborate, careful and dedicated way. This is a perfect opportunity for tourists to find out more about the traditional culture of this ancient town – Hoi An. The nights that these traditional arts are on always attracted a lot of tourists.

In terms of other form of traditional arts, tourists could go to the Hoi An Traditional Art Performance Theatre at number 66, Bach Dang Street; Hoi An Art Craft Manufaturing Workshop at number 9, Nguyen Thai Hoc Street to experience and admire the work of the artisans.

Joining cooking class

Hoi An cuisine is pretty diverse and makes very good impression on tourists all over the world. Apart from enjoying the food, many tourists are curious about how these delicious dishes are prepared and cooked. As the answer for this, a number of restaurants in the old town started short – course cooking classes. They are not basic cooking classes that will give tourists meticulous instruction on cuisine, instead, the unique features of Hoi An cuisine will be introduced and some very typical dishes of the town will be taught for them to cook.

When a class is taking place, you will begin by purchasing raw ingredients in the local market. After that, the chefs will teach you to prepare and complete the dishes you registered at the beginning of the class. The average studying time will normally last 3 hours. Some of the suggested addresses are numbers 106, 109 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, number 175 Cua Dai, etc.

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Exploring Bay Mau coconut forest

Bay Mau Coconut Forest is located approximately 5 km to the east from Hoi An. Previously, this place was a revolutionary base in the resistance and is one of the core zone of biosphere reserves world Hoi An – Cu Lao Cham (Cham Island). Apart from cycling around, tourists can choose to sit in basket boats going down the river and enjoying the the peaceful atmosphere. After threading their way through the canals, tourists can stop at their favourite spots for fishing and crabbing.

Another activity that tourists enjoy doing here is learning how to make decoration stuffs from coconut leaves. Under the guidance of the tour guides, visitors are taught to make hats, or cute animals, etc. They are considered as memorable souvenirs after the tour to visit the Coconut Forest.

Any tourists travelling to Hoi An or Cu Lao Cham (Cham Island) should really take these interesting experiences into consideration. They promise to give you, your families, and friends a lot of fun and exciting moments in this summer!

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