Green Valley International Youth Hostel

Green Valley International Youth Hostel

Green Valley International Youth Hostel (also known as Green Valley Hotel) is the only place in Sapa that offers legitimate hostel accommodation in a shared dorm room. Like all other hotels in the area, they offer help with booking treks and tours, bus, and train tickets. Their prices for these services are fair and they are available to answer any questions.


Green Valley is down the hill from the center of Sapa town, closer to the villages but a little further from bars, restaurants, and shops. Sapa town is very small, and as such the walk up to the main street of town should take no more than ten minutes from the hostel. The great advantage of being down the street from most other accommodations is that the hostel has a great view of the valley at a much lower price than anywhere in town.

Green Valley is down the hill from the center of Sapa town

Rooms and Bathrooms

The four-bed dorm rooms include four full-size beds with sheets, mosquito nets, and warm blankets included. Each of the two four-bed dorm rooms has its own bathroom. Each dorm room is attached to a balcony that looks out at Sapa Valley, a pretty amazing sight on a clear day. The rooms are clean and spacious, with room to leave your luggage but no lockers in which to store it — the front desk will store valuables in a safe for you if you ask.

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Common Spaces

There is a bar and restaurant onsite that is very popular with the guests, as the prices on beer are some of the lowest in town and there’s a free pool table to use as well. They have all of the same menu items that the Western/Vietnamese restaurants in town offer, often at lower prices. It’s a very casual spot and you are welcome to sit and enjoy the view without buying anything — there are soft seats looking out at the valley and there is usually someone around to answer questions.

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