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Known as the largest fishing village in Halong Bay, Cua Van Fishing Village is an outstanding place that you cannot miss. The romantic image of a fishing village deserves one of unforgettable experiences for on tourists’ journey to discover majestic Halong Bay.   

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Cua Van Fishing Village nestles in the majestic limestone mountains floating on the waters. The extremely romantic landscapes here actually deeply leave unique impression in tourists’ mind. The boats covered eye-catching colors create a shimmering picture bobbing on the immense bay. Life of the denizens here has not been disturbed by modern life yet. These characteristics have brought Cua Van fishing village to become one of 16 villages remaining pristine and glamorous beauty over the world.

Cua Van fishing village is derived from two ancient fishing villages in Halong Bay, namely Giang Vo and Truc Vong village. Along with other islands, it becomes an integral part of Halong Bay. The fishing village is now located in Hung Thang Ward (Halong City). Cua Van fishing village is today home to more than 200 families living mostly by fishing. Going to Cua Van fishing village, tourists not only are immersed in tranquil, peaceful and incredibly charming space, witness the dreaming nature, ascertain about the cultural life of fishermen but also are directly instructed how to boat, spread the net, and catch the fish by girls right in the fishing village… In addition, tourists are easily attracted by the beauty of these boats, the bamboo nets parking in front of the homes, the houses closely tying together against the storm, the frank and simple-minded fishermen but extremely hospitable, kids with their cheerful and innocent smile… The gentle and peaceful scenery contains the pristine beauty of the fishing village on the waters.

Cua Van fishing village (via halongtourism.com)

What to see

Cua Van floating cultural center is a model of the first floating cultural center for fishing communities built in Vietnam. Its purpose is to conserve and preserve the cultural values of the fishing village through traditional activities as well as exchanges between local communities and tourists). Setting foot in the village, tourists will have a chance to witness and learn about hundreds of artifacts. They consist of tools, means in fishing of ancient Vietnam, numerous images, documentaries, publications on folk culture and daily life of the residents living in fishing village on Halong Bay. All are reproduced by the models according to 6 main themes: nature and human, livelihoods of fishermen, material life of fishermen, waters with life, spirituality with spiritual life, for today and for future. Notably, the guides in the center are residents of Cua Van fishing village. Through attractive and practical introduction, tourists will have an opportunity to be lost in the world of Cua Van floating village with the collection of traditional fishing methods here.

When the night falls down, tourists will comfortably kayak around the village, trawl with fishermen, go squid fishing off the coast, and soak up in activities of the fishermen. Following the footsteps of guiding girls in the fishing village, tourists can delightfully plays with waters, or contemplate funny shapes moving on the rocks. The most interesting feelings are the moment tourists manually catching the fish and shrimps in nets, then processing by their own hands and enjoying the seafood dished. In particular, visiting the fishing village on festival occasions, tourists will have a chance to enjoy “hat gheo“, “hat cheo duong” (a form of traditional performing with many folk songs in Halong Bay). All makes compelling and unique feelings.

Cua Van Fishing village (via halongbaytourism.org)

Going to Cua Van fishing village, tourists not only are immersed in the peaceful scenery of a romantic fishing village, but also comfortably admire the majestic Halong Bay. Additionally, tourists can kayak to visit Sang (Morning) cave after crossing the breathtaking red coral reefs right in the pure waters or engage in unique forms of tourism to popular attractions in Halong Bay such as Tien Ong Cave, Ba Ham Lake… Vehicles used in the journey are mainly the wooden boats or kayaking. It is fishermen in the fishing village that undertake this position. These experiences will attach memorable moments in the journey discovering Halong Bay travel. Tours regularly renewing with increasingly attractive programs, Cua Van fishing village will promisingly become one of the impressive spots in the trips to Halong Bay.

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